Emile & Camille Smith have been saving timber, stone and other building materials for fifteen years.  “We’ve always wanted to build a home on our farm, but thought the chance to build was still years away….Then…”   In sping ’09 the family got an offer on their home in Seneca, a couple of miles from the farm.  The house wasn’t even for sale…But “…over the cliff we went.”

We now rent the Luthern Parsonage in Mt. Sterling…Thank God.  The longer we looked for a place to rent, the scarier the places got.  Then the Parsonage came up.  Did I say Thank God?  I mean it!


With a great but ragtag crew of  carpenters we began to design from the ground up.  We designed & poured our foundation November of ’09 thinking we could build during the winter of ’09-10.  December, and the entire winter, had different plans for us!  Into the wood shop we retreated until late April.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Brian Kelly Says:

    Hey Eman,
    Want some heartpine engineered flooring to go over the concrete?
    Can do reclaimed oak or beech too.
    I know you two have had a rough go these past couple of years with the weather…hopefully this year will be better.
    Why so massive with the trusses?
    What’s next?
    The Dude

  2. Brian Kelly Says:

    Keep me posted
    The Dude

  3. Dean Church Says:

    Things look great and I am very excited for you and your family. Just think of the stories you will be able to tell your grand kids about how you built the house out of old timbers and knowing you most likely will remember where each stick came from.
    I can tell the Lord has blessed you in more ways than you will ever realize and I am glad to know and call you a friend.
    My world is great, things are opening up to me that will blow you mind, we’ll talk sometime over coffee in your new castle.

    Way to go Dean

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